Such resources may supply you with the courage to stay sober. If you do not have internet access at home, it is free in many places, including libraries. If you do not feel that AA is the program for you, the internet has many resources and may help how to stay sober without aa people stay sober. While AA revolves around finding a higher power as part of the recovery process, the SMART Recovery process advocates science-based methods. SMART Recovery teaches health coping skills to help you overcome your alcohol addiction.

  • Physical training is known to stimulate essential elements such as endorphins.
  • There are so many ways to recover these days – the options are nearly endless.
  • Collectively, Americans lose over 3.59 million years of potential life because of excessive drinking.
  • Do not allow COVID-19 to stop you from seeking the care you need.
  • Many recovering alcoholics are overwhelmed by how much free time they have.
  • Those who seek to stay sober usually write constructive messages on media platforms and websites.

Although it can’t help with medical detox, practically every other aspect of a well-rounded rehab program can be done through your phone. Not only is this much more flexible to your schedule, it’s also significantly more affordable. One of the strengths of AA is that it provides a community of people facing a similar challenge, and gives you access to others further along in the process. Start by talking to a doctor to make sure it is safe for you to go through withdrawal without medical care, and create a list of people to call just in case. If you think you can stick with it, creating a tapering schedule and gradually reducing how much you drink is usually the best approach. If you plan to quit cold turkey (all at once), make sure you are well-stocked with everything you’ll need for the week—withdrawal can make you feel very ill.

There’s no “right” way to do sobriety.

This might include reading, painting or drawing, playing an instrument, or gardening. Join a group that is going to support you and keep you accountable for your sobriety without you ever having to leave your home. Most of all, I was isolated and lonely, my drinking and poor choices having alienated me from everyone around me. Granted, it was our first night in the country, and I was probably experiencing jet lag in addition to the effects of the booze. It was the exact kind of feeling that, prior to sobriety, I’d have drunk more to get rid of… Is my reaction to alcohol because I have an allergy to alcohol that sets off a physical craving for which there is no cure?

Part of the art of staying sober (or moderate) long-term is knowing what these triggers are, and how to manage them. Make a list of the things you find challenging, practice how you will respond in advance, and give yourself credit when you succeed. Rehab programs are the right choice for some people, but they can be too expensive for others.

Is It Really Possible to Stay Sober?

Depending on where you live or where the meetings are, AA groups might lean heavily toward one age, cultural background or gender. That said, here are 4 things I have learned that are useful in getting sober from alcohol without AA. Remember that everyone’s path to sobriety is unique and it’s important to find what works best for you. This means you write when happy, sad, frustrated, agitated or worried. Through writing, you are able to relieve your stress and emotions into words. You can take advantage of these places to start your amazing journey to recovery.

Experts recommend that people participate in at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise every day. If you are in recovery or are going to be in recovery, AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is one of the options you can use. You can help people who are affected by alcoholism by making a donation to the Cleveland District Office. Some days were tough and I would need to take it one hour or even one minute at a time. “I’m not going to drink for the next one minute.” That seemed to break it down into a size I could handle.

Find Balance in Your Life

It doesn’t mean they’ll never maintain long term sobriety, that they’ll never successfully stop drinking. They’re told they’ll stay stuck in the drinking cycle if they don’t go to AA meetings. The twelve steps is the only way to get sober and stay sober. They’ll continue drinking if they don’t do sobriety “right”. Recovery isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation and even though there are a lot of people around the world who swear by Alcoholics Anonymous, that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. We’ll delve into understanding sober living programs and their crucial role in maintaining your newfound sobriety.

how to stay sober without aa

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