Insurance Explained

Life is unpredictable and that is what makes it exciting. However, some unexpected events can really set you back.

Insurance can help protect the things we value the most. Understanding insurance is an important place to start from so that you are able to determine what will work for you.

Read on to find out what insurance is, how it works and how it might apply to your life.

What is life insurance?

As the name suggests this is insurance taken over an in event in the course of life. Depending on the type of insurance you purchase, events such as critical illness, disability or death can trigger payment.

What is general insurance?

General Insurance helps us protect ourselves from the financial impact of risks to the things we value such as our homes, cars, valuables, business equipment and machinery.

General Insurance covers big and small risks including; fire, floods and storms, theft, car accidents, medical costs, travel mishaps, breakdown of machinery and even legal action against us.

We are able to choose the type of risks we wish to cover by choosing the right kind of policy with the features that meet our needs.